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When it comes to hiring an editor, don't let the myth make monsters out of nothing
Read 3 Myths about Hiring an Editor 



Writing is not for the squeamish. It's for the visionary. The dreamer. The one who thinks and feels. 

Writing is what you do when you know your story needs to be told.

So do it right. With a proven editor of dozens of works of fiction and nonfiction. With an editor whose authors have won national awards and made bestseller lists.

When you're ready to make your novel the best it can be, drop me a line. No games, no bullshit. Just honest (and nicely worded) feedback that goes beyond editing and helps you see how to craft better stories.

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Stuck on your writing? Need a boost? Read the Amazon bestseller that's been called "A long needed brilliant read that deals with the reality of writing."

Sure I yell. But I yell because I love.

"Scott Morgan's ...  unique voice and no nonsense approach to hitting writers over the head to get beyond excuses is refreshing in a market inundated with 'how-to' books."  
~Gregory G. Allen

"Less like reading and more like sitting down with the author over a cup of coffee while he relates the most ridiculous excuses he's heard in his many years as an editor as to why people can't write."
~Amber Jerome-Norrgard

"Morgan, I'm sure, will hit on an excuse you have used and call you out on it. So you're here on Amazon instead of writing. Do yourself a favor, get this book, read it, digest it. It will energize you to begin or continue your own."
~Gail Trish Gentry 

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