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Editing and Proofreading

As a writer, most of the world knows you through what you publish. So do you want them to think you're a careless hack or do you want them to wish they could write as well as you? Visit my Editing Services page and ask me for a recommendation from the many (and often bestselling) authors I've helped.

"I have only the highest praise for Scott as an editor. His work on my first book vastly improved the final product."
~Lorette Pruden 



Speaking and Education

Need a speaker or presenter for your group, book club, or class? Scott Morgan can speak (and has spoken) on a pile of writing topics, from better dialogue to character development, to all-out motivation. I'm also a college-level teacher of creative writing with a string of energized and motivated students on my resume. Check out my Speaking and Education page (coming soon) to learn what more you can learn, or drop me a line and ask.

"I got more out of Scott's 20-minute presentation than I have with some two-hour seminars." 
~Tom Stillman 




Cover Design

Readers do really judge your book by it's cover. So make it a good one. Click my Cover Design Services page to see what I can do for you.




Helpful Books

I built my reputation as a top editor, speaker, and writing professional through years of professional newspaper, magazine, and creative writing. And my vast knowledge has been distilled into two bestselling books designed to get you and your writing on the move. Visit My Bookshop (the window on the left) to find out how you can hold my knowledge in the palm of your hand.

"Scott is genuine and generous with his insights and that, in my opinion, is what will turn a character, an author, and a book, for that matter, into a bestseller."
~Jeanne Murphy 


The cornerstone of my online presence is my blog, Write for the Jugular. Click here for the latest installment and one of the best back-catalogues of writing blogs on the net.

"Write-Hook.com: Scott Morgan's no-punches-pulled look at what it takes to be a writer."
~Blog Nation 




Not convinced? Try me out for free with this interview I did on Princeton (NJ) TV 30 on character development. And contact me and let's see what we can set up.

And as always, Write for the Jugular.